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Corrugated Carton Manufacturing
- The corrugated carton board consists of several paper layers glued together where the middle layer is corrugated (to give a zigzag or cor...
Angle Carton Manufacturing
- we are one of s specialized manufacturers of angle carton manufacturing in Egypt and the Middle East where we manufacture the corners of ...
Post Print Printing
- Begar for carton industries and all packing materials depend on the latest printing machines Filickso (Post-print) up to 5 colors and equ...
Offset Printing
- The colored printing technology through the use of offset is considered one of the oldest types of printing. This type of printing has th...
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Begar for carton industries and all packing materials is a simple bequest company and was established in 1994 in Moharam Bek, Alexandria as a trading company.

In 2000, the company’s activity was transferred to the industrial zone in new Borg Elarab City. The company has an elite team of engineers, technicians and workers in addition to the managers, sales and marketing team.

n Main Activity

The company specializes in manufacture of cardboard, packaging material, and printing and fulfills emptying printed cellophane and formations of the carton and provides it with a plastic transparent.
The company started its real production since 1994 and the expansion was done since Dec. 2000. The company yearly capacity reads 7000 Tones.

- The company was keen to have outstanding skills and competencies in addition to the attention to increasing productivity and the use of modern technology in production to make sure that the products levels are up to the international standards.

- Begar Company is considered one of the developing companies in the field of corrugated carton manufacturing and packaging where we rely at the company on modern technology in carton manufacturing stages and printing as well as angle carton manufacturing.

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